The co-op originally serviced three counties (Macomb, Oakland, Wayne RESA) and has expanded to statewide
service.  MOR has an Executive Board of volunteer Food Service directors and is led by two consultants:  
Chuck Wolford, Food Service & Purchasing Consultant, from Wayne County RESA and Lori Adkins, Child
Nutrition Consultant, from Oakland County Schools.  Van Eerden Foodservice is the current commodity
supplier.  MOR is entering our third year of a successful one bank system of commodities, allowing districts to
have access to all commodity products and maximize usage of entitlement money.

Facts about MOR:
  • MOR is currently in our third year of a successful One Bank system which allows members to order
    any commodity items and fully use entitlement dollars.
  • MOR offers 14 DOD items at the start of year to help with new fresh fruit & veg requirements.  
  • VE provides a live Commodity Summary Report on VE’s website showing current brown box
    inventory and DOD usage, updated daily.  
  • VE maintains a live PAL report which is available online and updated daily.  
  • There are rebates and drop size incentives available for members based on usage.  
  • Price increases substantiated by documentation from manufacturers.  
  • Payment terms available through Van Eerden: 1% discount off if check is received within 10 days.
  • Membership fees: only $250.00 per School Year.
  • Annual Back to School meeting & school food show and quarterly business meetings.
  • New products brought into stock to meet new regulations, trends, and preferences.
  • Ongoing support and resources provided from Lori Adkins, Oakland Schools, and Chuck Wolford,
    Wayne RESA, along with Van Eerden’s dedicated School Team.
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